Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Who's Footing the Bill

As time progresses, we hear more about who is paying for everything. We hear about the IRD (Institute for Religion and Democracy)underwriting the attack against the Episcopal Church (TEC) and others and we hear how TEC underwrites so much of the Anglican Communion. It has been one of those "bottom line" things--all issues being relegated to $'s and cents rather than what is right and wrong.

Now, I know that my colleagues have many more elevated theological, sociological, biblical reasons for calling for a "walking apart" than the fiduciary ones. But sometimes when we devolve into the financial mudslinging that we are apt to do, we often lose sight of the higher road that always must be before us: It is right to be open to the LGBT community because it is the right thing to do. Hang the budget! Jesus fed the poor with loaves and fishes.

In our parishes many are having difficulty making their budgets, financing the future only begrudgingly and with such parsimony that hope seems not to be with us. And yet we would argue about who is paying the bills? This is not a Communion! This is the elder son wondering why he has not been given a fatted calf. Let's get off the whole issue about who is funding what and be about being a Communion that does disagree within itself. It is the disagreement that makes us strong if we will but see God's work in it.

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