Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Winnah!

We have a gold medal winner at St. Luke's these days. Robin Haskin's dog Cooper took the best of his breed at the Westminster Dog Show on Tuesday. What a thrilling thing for her and for us her at St. Luke's. Good Goin', Robin!

From Robyn:
I have not been able to answer everyone’s emails and phone calls, but I want to thank you all for congratulating both Cooper and I for his Win at Westminster Kennel Club on Tuesday. We had a blast and thousands of breeders go their entire lives without even getting an award of merit at the Garden and we have been lucky enough to get an Award of Merit on one of our chessies in the past and to now have a Westminster winner in the family, in my Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. It is equal to getting an Olympic Gold in the dog world. So thank you to all for your support and accolades. I am so happy for the next few weeks I will be flying High. I was so proud he showed so well as a young dog to represent his breed and our community.

Thank you,

Robyn Haskin and Cooper

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marylea said...

Congrats to Robyn and Cooper! What a pretty dog!