Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Five: What is there to smile about?

With the end of RevGalBlogPals' third annual Big Event, I am wondering who went and what it was like. There must be a lot of smiling from the Big Event! Hopefully, the rest of us are not frowning either.

So let us know how your past week was for you.

I went!!! I am still tired from the trip but exhillerated too so I need some time to contemplate what all went on. Some new things are going on within me that are very positive but still too amorphous to articulate yet.

1. When were you smiling lately?

I think I smiled almost all week! BE3 was wonderful!

2. What happened unexpectedly to you this past week?

A lot of BE3 was unexpected—the Caribbean was a lot colder than I thought it would be. I didn’t expect to have motion sickness—I was merely a bit queasy but with drugs all things were good. I was not expecting to like all the women on the event but I did.

3. How was a catastrophe averted (or not)?

Thankfully one of the sistahs had those wrist band thingies.

4. What was the most delicious thing you ate?

Awesome strawberry souflee with warm crème anglais!

5. Did you see any good movies or read any books or articles?

Been reading Dan Browne’s The Lost Symbol. I am glad it is the Mason’s who have gotten lambasted for their symbolism instead of the Church. It is a hoot of a read. My grandfather was a great poohbah in his Masonic group so I was familiar with some of the symbols that Browne uses. I’m also reading Karen Armstrong’s newest, A Case for God. Haven’t really gotten into it yet, but I usually love her stuff. Love my Kindle!


Jan said...

So glad you managed to post a little bit about BE3! Sounds like a wonderful time! I also have a kindle and "A Case for God," but I haven't managed to read the latter. Rest up from all the smiling and fun you had!

And I'm glad I'm not alone in the non-linkability.

angela said...

I've only gotten through one Dan Brown book b/c I listened to Angels and Demons while on vacation and thought it really pushed the believability line too much.

But I'm glad he used the Masons instead of the church too. They need some more attention as they are all getting a bit older and don't have much young company. My husband joined a couple years ago and really enjoyed it--even joined the Knights Templar b/c he felt it important to commit to Christ within the organization.

revhipchick said...

The Lost Symbol was a fun read even if a bit predictable at times. One of the men from church reccomended it to me. We joke that we are going to sit down with the book and one of the Masons who attend our church and quiz him. The Mason did say that the 1st level iniation is what's in the book.

So glad I got to know you a bit this past week!