Friday, January 23, 2009

Cabin Fever Five

Singing Owl has posted a good Friday Five for us in Upstate.
Sorry for the late posting! My daughter's car won't start, and I just returned from driving her to work. I think she made need a block heater. Speaking of that...
Here in snow country we are settled in to what is a very long stretch of potentially boring days. The holidays are over. It is a very long time till we will get outside on a regular basis. The snow that seemed so beautiful at first is now dirty and the snow banks are piling up. Our vehicles are all the same shade of brownish grey, but if we go to the car wash our doors will freeze shut. People get grumpy. Of course, not everyone lives in a cold climate, but even in warmer places the days till springtime can get long. Help! Please give us five suggestions for combating cabin fever and staying cheerful in our monochromatic world?

1. I am heading to TX to visit my mom next week. It is in the 70’s there. After a week of -4, it will be a welcome relief. I am also going to be preaching in Ft Worth which has been closed to women’s ministry in my denomination for 30 years. I am totally stoked!
2. On Inauguration day I took a sick day (I had a cold) and watched all the events. I must admit I have not felt so patriotic since JFK was sworn in.
3. I tend to wear bright colors when it gets this cold. It makes me think that I am warmer than I am.
4. I like to cook when it gets this cold. I am making Spaghetti from scratch today. Pot roasts, chili, stews are all good when we come home to a warm house and good smells.
5. I visit my chiropractor because I tend to tense up when it gets this cold. He straightens me out and I feel better.


zorra said...

The chiropractor--that's a great idea. (unless you immediately go brrrr and tense up when you get outside)
Have a great time in Ft. Worth--I admit I'm surprised that there is a church in that diocese where your preaching will be welcome, but am glad to hear it. (some of the TX RevGals who are Episcopalian have had a tough time there)

Elaine (aka...Purple) said...

Wahoo...on #1.

Barbara B. said...

Your #4 made me seriously hungry!

Fran said...

It has been very cold, hasn't it?

Have a great trip to TX!!