Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day: Friday Five

It's Boxing Day!

Whatever that may mean to you, I invite you on this day to simply share five things that today, December 26th, will bring for you.

1. I have been commenting on the daily bible reading from ELCA on my blog, so I have remembered the Feast of Stephen today. The feast of St. Stephen was a day when one’s diaconal ministry was to be exercised. I need to serve others today.

2. I had forgotten some of the history of Boxing Day. It was when the employees were given their gifts by their employers. It was a time of giving to those less fortunate. It has reminded me of the need for alms giving. It is rather ironic that the radio that I have streaming at the moment is singing the “Veni Creator Spiritus”. Word of God-Word of Life! God is always talking to me in music. It may not even be in words—the music just speaks to my soul.

3. I have to go pick up a prescription for cholesterol-lowering med that the doctor had determined I need. I think after yesterday’s dinner, it is appropriate.

4. I am quite tired and a bit crabby (probably sugar-crash). December 26th is a day when I recoup. Christmas Eve at church was sooooo beautiful. I want to savor the warmth, the fidelity, the sense of family that was all around me. It was so much fun to see families who had grown up together get back together. The forty-somethings that went to Sunday school together back together with their children. How much fun!!!!

5. Turkey Sandwiches!! This is what J and I look forward to. I think J likes the sandwiches better than the roast turkey dinner. So tonight it is turkey sandwiches in front of the new Christmas present TV.


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That sounds like a good day and a good evening! :)