Sunday, December 21, 2008

No Church

I feel weird. We called off church today. Snow is coming down; the roads are a mess. Today was supposed to be the children’s pageant, the first one for some years. I am not sure if the kids are going to be sad or glad, but I do know that the Sunday school teachers were looking forward to it.

I got out and started to church. I could have made it, even up the big hill, I think. But then again, I DO have 4-wheel drive. What about those who don’t have the luxury of driving the interstate and those who have conventional, sensible cars. We come from 5 different counties to our little church. And I know the upstaters are a hearty bunch. But the thought of anybody in the ditch because I didn’t have the nerve to call it off sits on my shoulders. I would rather be safe than sorry in this instance. More snow is moving in from the east so it would be worse trying to get home.

J had no way to call off church in her little churches, but those folks don’t have to travel as far as my folk do. So she is off doing the work of God while I sit in front of my laptop. I can’t stomach the churches on TV. I guess I will read Morning Prayer and chalk it up to the will of God. But my theology doesn’t really work that way.

By golly, I might just get some work done around the house! I could take a nap—what a novel idea! I can fix a hearty stew for supper when J gets home. It is just weird being home on Sunday morning and not be sick. It just doesn’t happen! Curl up with a good book, that’s a good plan. I do hope everyone else is having a hard time figuring out what to do with their Sunday morning too.

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